Richard Birchall CD Cover

Richard Birchall Sings in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle with Jonathan Rees-Williams (Organ) Tadpole Music CDRB3

Richard Birchall, a former chorister at St George's Chapel, sings a delightful selection of songs from composers as diverse as Mendelssohn, Purcell, Bach and Vaughan Williams.

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Listen to a clip of Richard Birchall singing "O For The Wings Of A Dove" (Mendelssohn)

Ceremonial Tudor Church Music CD Cover

Ceremonial Tudor Church Music with the Purcell Chorus of Voices and the Choristers of St Paul's Cathedral, directed by Grayston Burgess Argo ZRG 659

This is a stunning collection of musical gems from the pens of two of our greatest composers, Byrd and Weelkes. Tenor, alto and bass are supplied by the men of the Purcell Chorus of Voices and the treble line by the St Paul's Choristers. Grayston Burgess is here at the height of his powers as choral director.

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Listen to The Purcell Chorus of Voices and St Paul's Choristers singing "O Lord, Arise" (Weelkes)

Choral Evensong CD Cover

Choral Evensong From Hereford Cathedral directed by Roy Massey Priory PRCD 5022

This is a wonderful Evensong for Holy Week. The canticles are especially moving, but it is the fact that we have not odd items but a whole service which enhances this CD's appeal. There is plainchant, there are beautiful settings and anthems, there is fine organ-playing and, above all, there is the imperishable language of the Book of Common Prayer.

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Listen to The Choir of Hereford Cathedral singing "Blessed be the God and Father" (S.S. Wesley)

Michael Howard: A Choral Pioneer CD Cover

Michael Howard: A Choral Pioneer Historic recordings from Ely and Arundel Cathedrals Verus CD002

Michael Howard, a former vice-president of CTCC, stood at the forefront of a new kind of sound in cathedral music – exciting and edgy. His two well known recordings of Music for the Feast of Christmas (recorded at Ely Cathedral in July 1958) and Music for the Common of the Apostles (recorded at Arundel Cathedral in November 1958) are now brought together on one CD for the first time. The original recordings suffered from a degree of tape hiss and other system noise. Happily, modern technology has largely eliminated this, so that a new generation of listeners can appreciate the phenomenal gifts of one of the twentieth century's greatest choral directors.

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Listen to The Choir of Ely Cathedral and The Renaissance Singers singing "Oh Ye Little Flock" (John Amner)

The Better Land: Volume 1, CD Cover

The Better Land Volumes 1, 2, 3 & 4

Stephen Beet is a one-man phenomenon. His unremitting efforts to save for posterity and bring back to life for our enjoyment and edification the sound of boy trebles of yesteryear deserve our unreserved praise. Searching out recordings from years ago was only the start. He also set himself the task of finding the 'lost boys' who sang on them. His success in doing this is a story as fascinating as the recordings themselves. Reissued in modern format and with the improvements of modern technology, these recordings have proved an eye-opener even for experienced choirmasters.

Stephen is a man with a bee in his bonnet, for which we can only be eternally grateful, for now we know just how the boy soprano sounded until changes in vocal training were introduced in the sixties of the last century.

Further information about these CDs can be found at The Better Land website or by contacting Stephen at the following email address:
Stephen Beet email address