Millions - yes millions of people still go to cathedrals and churches to find peace and comfort in an atmosphere of wonder and beauty. Do you care how this is achieved? It doesn’t just happen! The Traditional Choir plays a unique part in creating it.

Times are changing - particularly in church circles; liturgy has been revised; political correctness is rife; women priests administer the sacrament; girls’ choirs already sing in cathedrals. So what’s so special about the Traditional All-Male Cathedral Choir?

Alan Ridout, the composer, described it as a “fragile musical miracle” thus expressing the unique quality of the all-male choral sound and that of the shortlivedboy treble. Remember that boys’ voices only last some five to six years!

On this website you will find reasoned arguments and articles on what CTCC stands for and why we support boy choristers. One thing is certain; CTCC is not anti-girls. However, we do feel that cathedrals which use girls should take the opportunity of creating their own style, their own tradition, separate from the historic all-male one.

So how can we help to maintain the Traditional Cathedral Choir without accusations of being ‘out of touch, or attempting to 'turn back the clock?’ CTCC says we cannot just look on and watch the erosion of a unique, over-thousand-year-old and much loved tradition.

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