Books and Recordings

Go into any good record shop and you will find many recordings of our wonderful cathedral choirs. Yet, however numerous its stock might be, it represents but a miniscule fraction of the recorded output. Choirs began regularly producing recordings in the mid fifties of the last century, but the earliest known recording dates back to 1909. So, we have an astonishing century's worth of recordings. And in addition to these official recordings, there has been an enormous number of private recordings produced by a small army of enthusiasts.

From such a vast store of recorded choral goodies, how does one make a choice? It must seem an almost impossible task. However, for one person, it is not! Colin Brownlee has devoted himself full time for several years now to amassing a complete collection of the whole recorded output of cathedral music. His knowledge of what is on offer is unrivalled. For that reason, we are delighted to offer here his chosen Top Forty Recordings.