The articles below deal with some of the issues affecting the traditional cathedral choir. It is planned to add to them on a regular basis. They are published in in an easy-to-print format.

I Never Knew That
The Origins of English Cathedral Choirs.

A Position Paper
This article, by the Campaign's distinguished first president, Dr Bernarr Rainbow, and others, appeared in the August issue of Choir and Organ in 1997. It sets out the case for sticking to ancient custom and examines both sides of the 'argument' with regards to girls' cathedral choirs.

In Defence of a Great Tradition

Doing Their Own Thing
In this article, Dr Bernarr Rainbow provides fascinating and very positive suggestions of how girls' choirs could find a different but genuinely exciting new role in cathedral music. The repertoire he proposes would be specific to them, so that there would be no sense of competition or clash with the traditional consort of men and boys.

The Wider Issues
Dr Richard Walden examines several issues which are having an impact, however indirect, on the future of the traditional cathedral choir.

A Chorister At War
Grayston Burgess, the Campaign's treasurer, has had a distinguished career in music. He was a Chorister at Canterbury Cathedral as a boy, and it was while he was there that he met the great counter-tenor, Alfred Deller. At the tender age of 17, he became the youngest ever choral scholar to be appointed to King's College Choir, Cambridge, under Boris Ord, and later on, he joined the choir of Westminster Abbey. The rest, as they say, is history, but it all began for him as a boy in the choirstalls at Canterbury.

The Jewish Tradition
Maxine Handy, the author of Triple-Portrait of a Countertenor, a biography of the distinguished Countertenor, James Bowman, contributes a fascinating article on The Jewish Tradition. In it, she outlines the practice and rationale of a choral tradition within Orthodox Judaism which have long been echoed in Christian worship.

An Increasingly Fragile Musical Miracle
Straightforward words from Dr Peter Giles

The Case for CTCC